Cedar Box Apps (“Cedar”) are secure integrated web-based applications for (1) promoting Stewardship Office team collaboration and (2) managing consultation, heritage, fieldwork and GIS data – all to support your Nation’s cultural revitalization and economic development.

I started development of community information systems that grew into Cedar Apps in 2007. Cedar is now in use in over a dozen BC Nations. You can find out more about Cedar features at mightyoaks.com/software-solutions/cedar-box.

Cedar is the only Indigenous community-based data management tool that fully integrates rich TUS/TEK data collection and management with project/referrals tracking and spatial analysis.

  Development App
Track and analyze project and permit applications, including Crown referrals


  • Contacts Relationship Manager
  • Rich per-Project information
  • Geographic Information data uploads in several formats
  • Spatial Analysis (Proximity Reports) versus any App layer
  • Upload planning layer Shapefiles
  • Email Harvesting (with Files)
  • Team Discussion
  • Tags and Project Groups
  • To Do Tasks
  • Desktop GIS Live-Link

  Heritage App
Gather and manage traditional ecological knowledge


  • Contacts Relationship Manager
  • Manage Heritage Projects
  • Manage Interviews
  • Documents (Items) cataloging
  • Dublin Core metadata fields on Items
  • Researcher fields on Items
  • Items: Collections and Tags
  • Powerful search, full-text attachments search (and excerpts)
  • Geographic Information data uploads in several formats
  • Named Place database (list and map)
  • Case Briefs
  • Synopses
  • NEW! Integrated Community Map
  • NEW! Web Feature Service Layer ingest

  Ecosystems App
Manage Ecosystem Projects, GIS layers and Species lists


  • Contacts Relationship Manager
  • Manage your Ecosystems GIS database (cataloging)
  • Manage Species (animals list, plants list) database
  • Upload key Ecosystem spatial layers for Proximity Reports
  • Ecosystem integration into DevelopmentApp and HeritageApp