LiveLink between Cedar 8.1 and desktop GIS

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In this era of modern connected spatial data systems, the need to reduce data duplication while making sure both Applications and Desktop GIS can access important layers prompted us to develop LiveLink.

LiveLink is our name for sharing data between Cedar Apps and desktop GIS. Cedar Apps come ready to share two types of information: (1) Development Projects (referrals) and (2) Named Places. We chose these data layers because they are extremely useful to have updated data of these types, in a desktop GIS, and because we strongly prefer to manage these data types in Cedar Apps.

Here is an example of LiveLink in action:

  • 1. Quantum GIS showing several Development Project footprints, but no activity on Nigel Island
  • 2. Creating a new Development Project (referral) in the Cedar Development App
  • 3. Creating a location for the new Proposed Project. We choose Draw on a map, but we could also bring the location in via Well Know text (WKT, a Shapefile, a KMZ file, a Geomark or via WFS service.
  • 4. The new Project in Cedar, showing the saved location
  • 5. Switching to QGIS, we see that the map has automatically updated with the new Development Project


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