WFS Layers available in Cedar 8.1

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Cedar communities are testing some very powerful new functionality that we added to Cedar v8 in 2018.

Load WFS Layer

We have added Web Feature Service (WFS) as an option for adding a geospatial layer to any of the three Apps (Heritage, Development, Ecosystems). This means that you can now pull data from a GIS server that is hosted on another server, in your office or in a different organization.

Use Cases

  1. You are part of a network collecting environmental data via field data loggers, and the data is aggregated at the regional level and stored on a groupd server. Now all you need to do is set a geospatial serving tools like GeoServer or MapServer up, and Cedar can pull you data back into your Cedar. It can then be used for spatial reports (proximity reporting).
  2. You manage your GIS data on a powerful workstation, and have 100s of layers available. Adding web service tools to your workstation would allow you to publish those layers, and then Cedar can scrape them as WFS and use them in reports.

Cedar Community Partner

This feature add was supported by Coastal First Nations/Great Bear Initiative.

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